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Hi There what a great question no one has ever asked me before about the complications involved in recording this epic, maybe it's taken for granted. We are in number one studio at A.I.R. in London and we have the rhythm section in with that huge orchestra.We have a run-through, can't seperate rhythm from orchestra, panic. So What I did was this, because the basic rhythm was fairly simple I set the rhythm section up in number three remix room via a video link up to Tilson Thomas for conducting purposes. Narada Micheal Walden was behind the mixing console [ playing not mixing ] I had one 4038 above drums one snare mic and one bass drum mic and what ever I could find for guitars and bass. We then started more run-throughs with not many problems I got the separation I wanted between orchestra and rhythm section, don't forget we are working with professional people here, they could handle it. Believe it or not when I See Narada he says he will never forget that session saying to me it was the best drum sound of his life. Best Geoff and thank you

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