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HI there good question, When Paul had written the lyric to Eleanor Rigby, it was discussed as to how the instrumentation was going to be, strings were suggested but Paul said " I don't want that Mantovani sound"which was a lush normal sound. So we started to talk on a style of writing and George Martin had the idea of the shower scene from" Psycho" with that strident string sound. So my approach was that we wanted a new string sound not one that was with the mic fifteen feet In the air. The score was written for a double string quartet and I decided to mic the strings very closely, i.e. one inch away from where the bow hit the string and I usedKM 56's andKM 54's because of physical size, the cello was I believe a U48 or U 47. The strings were recorded to four tracks. and I mixed them down to a second four track in stereo and the last two tracks were used for Vocal odds. Geoff

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