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Hopefully this will be of help to someone.

Ok so a little while ago I got a tender gum, followed by a little swelling.

The wife suggested swilling with bicarbonate of soda in a little water, which I did 4 times a day.
After the first day, I woke up the following morning with no swelling. After the second day there was no tenderness. I kept it up for another 2 days to make sure, but it was gone - and hasn't come back. That's faster and more effective than any antibiotics I've ever had.

Note: this doesn't work for everybody. Ironically, the wife is one of them.
Holy Smokes! It really works!

My toothbrush started getting old and the tips of the bristles began to bend and fray. As a result some of my gums got abrasions and it hurt like hell to brush those areas. I replaced my toothbrush and the sensitive areas continues for a couple of days. I mixed some Arm & Hammer sodium bicarb with warm water and swished it around my gummers and the next day it was gone!