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I was supplying a powered loudspeaker for the US premiere of a modern organ piece (which included a "processed" track) at a large Nashville church, and decided to record the concert (with the organist's permission). Soundcheck went well, and then, at "go" time (5 min out) everything went to doo-doo. Horrid noise, emanating from the (new to me) AT4050 I was using as "S" in a MS setup. I lost the first half of the concert (harp... same performer) and, since the "M" element (a DPA4061) was "clean", I quickly pulled out a second 4061 and a 1m rod and recorded the second half (organ) AB. All was well.

Came to find out that the church belfry (less than 100' away) houses a cell tower. I do not know why between rehearsal/setup and (45 minutes later) downbeat the 4050 suddenly became a noise magnet... but it happened. Connectors had nothing to do with it, to my knowledge, as the cable was moved from the 4050 to the 4061. Ahhh... gremlins.

Still scratching my head.