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Maybe the environments you record in are not troubled with RF anyway...and the EMC connectors are just an extra layer of protection that isn't necessarily required ? A bit like every possible form of soap or hand cleaner or kitchen wipe cloth or air-freshener spray for sale these days must contain an anti-bacterial agent...just, because....
I'd have thought that the variety of places that I record in, often in city centres, sometimes in country churches, just a variety of places, that the RF is what others might be experiencing. It is strange though that I've only ever had RF problems on one occasion in 35 years, and that was when I was just starting out and used an unbalanced mixer in a RF saturated area.

I know that I've recorded in the centre of a triangle of hospital, police and fire services without the RF problems I anticipated. I've often thought of carrying the ferrite cores but haven't got around to it yet. Maybe I should, as every little helps.

I'm hoping that just writing about this does not mean that my next job will be problematic!!

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