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Old 17th July 2018
My fave pieces in the studio right now are probably my HCL VariS Vari-Mu compressor and the Bettermaker EQ 232P I use everyday on almost every mix and master I deliver. I do love my Yamaha desk but it's more of a production tool and I do not use it everyday unfortunately.

The preamp selection in the mastering desk is acting as a pull-up amp for the passive Telefunken ELA 150a fixed low/hi-shelf EQ in my mastering chain which has a insertion loss of 34dB. So I can choose which preamp I use for the amplification, thus changing the tone quite a bit. For now I tend to use the API 535LA line-amps, as those have a nice thick low mid push due to the discrete op-amps and the transformers.

So basically with choosing the pre-amp I have a few options in-between clean, mojo and refined dirt.


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Hi Klas,
seems a good opportunity to ask a few questions about your gear:

What's your favorite gear right now?
From interviews I know you used your modded Yamaha a lot in the past (and it's still there). Care to tell a bit more about that?
What about the preamps in the mastering desk? What do you use those for?