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Old 17th July 2018
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What's up G S fam,

I purchase reason 10 last year, and I'm grateful, and love that we are now able to use vsts inside of the apparatus. I just have one dislike about the new setup.

Sometimes when I use the new VST modules, no matter how much I turn up the master audio on some sounds the signal just is not high enough. I don't know if that's because of the new mixer and reason. Is it a way to deactivate this mixer. Or an alternative to make these signals higher. I turn up the master volume inside some of the sounds and they just don't reach past halfway or reach the yellow on a mixer sometimes. Not all sounds but some. And it is aggravating, and very annoying.
There are many ways to address this issue. PM me, I’ll help you figure out the best way to get your mix levels working for you.

By the way, if people start yelling about meter calibration, headroom, gain staging, “mixing with your eyes not ears” and all that ignore them. Reason is a bit different compared to other DAWs concerning these things, so when you PM me we’ll check and make sure you have your metering on lock.