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Yeah valid points guys. I should have worded it only relevant to BX vs Waves instead of irrelevant. I just thought it would cause less confusion if I deleted my comment as newcomers to the thread might not read and realise that the earlier comments only applied to the BX and Waves.
It's all up now, feel free to comment again after lsitening to all.

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I cut my teeth behind a SSL 4Ke. With that said, the Waves SSL plugs always holds their own. When Brainworx came out with the bx_console E, after a few sessions of messing around with it, i came back to the Waves SSL suite. I felt the waves dynamics sounded more SSL to me.

The newest Brainworx models of the E and G are amazing. I think the tighter low end might really be the desk waves modeled from. To me, Brainworx models exactly as an 4Kg desk (with E eqs/compressors when using the E strip) where as the waves plugs sound more closer to an older 4Ke desk. SSL made numerous modifications to the 4K desks over time. Those mods changed the way the console sounded. So an newer 4K desk sounded different then an older 4K desk.

In the end, I like them both. The new Brainworx models might replace my waves ssl. I love how they sound.
Thanx for your input, much appreciated. Always good to hear from people who are experienced in working the real thing and also not interested in brand names, but good sound. I also think the new bx consoles sound amazing. The midrange and hi end especially and the comp. Which is also bad because my plan was to stick to the Console 1 as I love the workflow... How do you like the new Duendes?