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Neutrik living up to its name - another "new trick"? It certain moved past the original "Cannon" connector.

The key question is, "what is the problem this new design is solving?". Interesting that Røde, which has an aggressive approach to innovation, is prepared to take on the risk of using it - I assume the answer offered by Neutrik to the above question must have interested them. Now users have to take it on and answer the above question themselves in their terms.
I'm predicting we'll see Neutrik supplied graphs showing us a plethora of previously unknown-of RF pollution which has been messing up our mic inputs...and an 'after' set showing how magically clean those inputs will be when using the new connector

"A veil of obscuring layers of intermodulating noise was was like 'hearing' through a freshly cleaned window for the first time", etc etc Cue entry of slightly revamped power-line conditioner rhetoric, in the service of a new evil...