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Old 15th July 2018
Here for the gear

Sennheiser easily makes the best headphones out there to be had. Beyerdynamic are an embarrassment to the price range, might as well be midrange and a tweeter strapped to your ear. AKG, Audiotechnica, Sony are fine but Sennheiser has got them beat hands down. the 7506 are kinda unimpressive in sound and build, and do not fully cover the ear lobe, AKG is known for the midrange, and I actually like the Audio technicas. The other brands I wont speak on other than I've tried Shure in the store and was like nope, too weak for me. Sennheiser will allow you to blow your brains out but never blow a driver....point 1, the HD600's are an iconic set of headphones that are more neutral than almost any other headphone made, including its more expensive brother the HD800's.....point 2.

I once owned the HD555 to which my kids tried to "destroy" by doing 360's in my computer chair with the headphones on the armrest...the cord wrapped around the base and jerked their "merry-go-round" to a halt....several times actually, I said F'k the headphones after the inner infrastructure of cording started to show and become stretched out of its intended position due to me being at work while my kids punished me for not putting my headphones away.....the headphones never died!!! Not even a short....they would not die, thus, I had no excuse to spend a pretty penny on a new pair until many years later (~10) to which they still fricken work! though the surround materials have given way to major abuse... I invested in the HD600's which are a step up in sound quality, as mentioned, and a match to waves NX, and I pretty much gave the HD555's to my 1 year lie....they just won't die .....

And yes, I most definitely put my HD600's away when I am leaving the house