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Thanks. So taking the LFO-OUT to a pot, slider (via switch/es) directly to R40/220/373? Cold end of pot to ground, or -10V?

Yes, by VCA, I meant the envelope/contour CV if feeding internal VCOs externally.
Posted an Imgur link to a partially labelled pcb above. Cold end to groud, in to lfo-out, out to either of the three pins on the waveform selector as indicated in the pic. And yes envelope contur works as well.

Currently tinkered with a small eurorack panel that's basically sockets, diodes and pots. Most convenient solution for me is attenuated sockets to the PWM in points on the pcb and ground, so you can take the D's lfo / env out sockets as flexibly as you like. It also takes cv from my modular, but currents are higher, i.e. would need stronger attenuation.