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The above comments were posted when there were only BX and Waves files so really they are now irrelevant. Although this post of files is useful and appreciated ideally they all need to be posted together otherwise the comments will be misleading. I am going to delete mine.
Sure, ideally I would have uploaded all at once, but it's a lot of work and I wanted to get something out with the new bx SSL fast so people can hear it. But why are your comments irrelevant? You liked the Waves better than the bx SSL E, valid opinion. If that changed after listening to Console 1 or the bx G, why not add that opinion instead of deleting the original post?

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So nobody's wrong, it's not black and white: one is better than the other - and this test is actually one of the best made A vs. B test, I have see on Gearslutz, so well done mate! I'm really looking forward to the Duende v. 6.
Thanx a lot for appreciating the test and the work behind it. Will be adding the Duende this weekend.