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Old 14th July 2018
Your move from DJing & producing to mixing & mastering

Hi Sasse,

thanks for taking the time to answer our questions and give much valued insight into your process and your thoughts!
My question is less about the gear and more about your personal/professional development:

From your bio and some (very positive!) things I heard about you here in Berlin, it seems clear that not only did you move location a few times - inside Finnland, to Frankfurt, then to Berlin. But it also seems like you shifted from DJing and producing to mixing and mastering a lot.
Was that a conscious decision or did it just "happen"? If it was planned, how did you go about it, i.e. how did you manage to shift your work's focus from your projects and collabs to providing mix and mastering for others?
Did relocating play a role in that? And if yes, was it helpful or challenging in that respect?

Thanks a lot for!