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DISCLAIMER: I only listened to the E versions because I don't have the bx_G Console. Although, I do have E&G from Waves.

Anyway... I completely disagree with those who thought Waves sounded the best. Of course, this is very subjective. I thought Waves sounded great, no doubt. But, I felt like the high end was a bit less 3D and somewhat flatter sounding compared to the SSL bx E with TMT. On the other hand, I felt like the bx_SSL sounded more glued together. It had a tighter low end. And the overall vibe felt a little more bouncy, probably owing to the improved dynamics section. The high end felt full of timbre and grit. I liked it a lot.

Then again, maybe I'm just trying to justify myself in purchasing the SSL4KE. But this SSL-version just seems... better. Maybe I'm crazy. (Am I tricking myself)
Is it possible we're paying for a new GUI and a head-nod from the people at SSL?

IDK... they got me though.

Now, where's my wallet?
The above comments were posted when there were only BX and Waves files so really they are now irrelevant. Although this post of files is useful and appreciated ideally they all need to be posted together otherwise the comments will be misleading. I am going to delete mine.