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Ah, yes sorry, I missed the 'pro' part of your description (those bloody GS underlined product tags get distracting)!!

Here's what I would do in your situation:

1. Determine if the ADI-2 Pro is worth keeping over the 500R8, conversion -wise.

If what the Cranborne boys say holds up about their converters and clock, then there is no reason to hang on to the RME box.

You'll have to wait for release then buy one and try it, and find a way to honestly compare the two.
Something tells me you're pre-disposed to think the RME box is better, otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation

If the ADI-2 wins, then send it back. Simple.

However, could you not just use a digital format converter to get around your current problem?

There seem to be plenty of inexpensive AES/EBU : S/PDIF : ADAT/Toslink converter boxes on the market.