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Old 12th July 2018
Here for the gear

[QUOTE=Blacklilyorchard;13413905]which DAW? I don't think you need to pull midi devices into the aggregate device. I used midi outs from multiple usb Keyboards and a BCR2K without issue along side my motu devices which are run in aggregate mode as well as separately. I've never used the Audio passthru feature. It will show up as another audio interface but it shouldn't matter unless you are using it for audio.[/QUOTE

Currently using Ableton and Reason. Just now got the MOTU hooked up, running great. About to try the icMidi+ in standalone/non-aggregate like you suggested. That'd be excellent if at least the midi works that way.

I guess I could always use the it on my laptop and lightpipe the audio back to my MOTU, as I use the audio passthru quite a bit -- primary way I've been getting my iPad synths into my desktop daw.