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Old 11th July 2018
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Using MOTU Ultralite MK4 + iConnectMidi4+ as Aggregate Device

I use an iConnectMidi4+ interface to route digital audio+midi between my Laptop, iPads and Desktop and was hoping to continue using it alongside a newly ordered Motu Ultralite Mk4 that I'm expecting delivery of later this week. The iCM4+ currently works great as an aggregate device w/ my Komplete Audio 6, but I was just now thinking of potential issues I might run into with the Motu. (still learning the ropes w/ studio gear)

Anyway, my question is fairly simple .. This will be my first experience with mid-high end interface, and from what I understand, the drivers are partly responsible for helping it to achieve the ultra-low latency, among other features. To run it as an aggregate device, I'm assuming I'll have to continue using asio4all
universal driver, and I'm wondering if that'll make it perform not quite as well as using the native Motu drivers? I suppose I could always toggle between the two drivers, depending on circumstance; but it'd be nice to know what to expect and if anyone has any suggestions for this use-case.