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Can someone with experience with both the NS5r and the N1R give me a little color around the presets? Ive had an NS5R since it came out in 1998. It appears to have a different set of combis and programs than the NS5R. I personally couldnt care less about acoustic instument sounds, just looking for those killer Korg pads and synthy sounds. Is there tons or some or no overlap on the presets?

I can't speak for the N1R but I used the NS5R alot when it was new. What I remember about it is that it had a staggeringly huge amount of sounds in it, and that almost all the acoustic sounds sucked. Not in an useable as synth sounds way, just that they sounded really nothing like acoustic sounds. Sometimes that's better. I think the big deal with the N1 was the piano. I played the keyboard version a few times and it was only available as an 88 key weighted, so usually those are going to have a comparitively big memory piano. I personally owned a Korg X2 at the time and I thought the sounds in the NS5R were pretty much the same level of sounds, just more of them. The M1, X3/2, N364, X5D, Ns5R and even the wavestation have a very similar soundset of raw samples from what I can hear. It's the Trinity, Triton, etc that got the next generation.

If you want those sounds, I would get the Korg Legacy Digital collection plugin, it has all that stuff for cheap and way more sounds than you'd think.