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Thank you for the detailed answer. I need SPDIF and/or AES/EBU connectors to use my RME ADI-2 Pro for my primary input and mix output, and to connect a Line 6 Helix guitar processor without undergoing a double conversion. I'm considering interfaces by Metric Halo, MOTU, and RME, but I like your concept of combining an interface with a 500-series rack. Good luck!
Hey LesC,

Thanks for this - always good to know how people are using these things.

Out of interest - as the RME ADI-2 has ADAT, would it not be a possibility to connect your Line 6 helix into your ADI-2 via SPDIF and then connect the ADI to the 500R8 (or another other audio interface!) via ADAT? Not sure what else you are connecting up... but its just a thought!

Thanks again,

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