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simplest? i doubt that. apart from the logistics of tracking down a decent example, it could have faulty voices, a lot of noise etc.

two prophet 5's (which are decades old by now) could sound very different from each other, for a multitude of reasons. one might have the magic you are looking for (which is just an ideal in your head). both might - even if they sound different. but none of them might. then you are landed with something physically imposing and expensive to ship.

at least an emulation will offer sonically what most people think of as that synth's trademark character. and as an instant download, for 100 bucks. i can't see how sourcing a fragile original, possibly from a different country, is the simplest way forward.

So when was the last time you ran a vintage synth through a classic hw effects unit? If you're chasing a particular sound/vibe then yes, buying the originals is the simplest way to get there quickly and no sw will get you to that exact same place.

Ask anyone with a decent collection of vintage hw synths and effects how quickly it "sounds like a record". You don't need a ton of extra processing, extra layering, or intricately detailed programming to get there.

Agree that if you're just 'looking for the flavor' of a vintage sound then a lot of modern gear can get you most of the way there.

Also agree with the idea that sometimes the vintage gear crosses a price threshold where it no longer makes sense. My personal example - SH-101's for $1000+. If/when the Behr version comes out and sounds close enough, then I'll pick one up.

I already made the switch with the TR-808/909 for a TR-8. For me, it was good enough for what I typically do with a drum machine so it made sense. Other synths/sounds I'm not willing to compromise on, so I have vintage gear (that I maintain myself and if powered on and used regularly is just as reliable as modern stuff).