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Old 9th July 2018
Sometimes relocating is the best thing. My former band consisted of myself, an African American female vocalist (my wife at the time) and an African American male guitar player. Our music was very accessible and well made but because we were in Virginia we got alot of negativity aimed at us for purely racial reasons. The local scene went out of their way to mess with us, posting faked quotes of things we supposedly said, stealing our gigs, jeering us when we were on stage and somehow even managed to turn our guitarist against us feeding him lies etc.
It was disgusting.
But fans of the band were numerous and highly supportive in L.A., Germany and Mexico. I’m sure if we’d relocated to L.A. things would have improved for us a great deal. The culture is more accepting of biracial bands. That band might still be around today if we went somewhere more welcoming.