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The title may sound like a contradiction, but tinnitus and hearing problems pop up on the board once in a while. Most of the times these threads become negative and demoralizing.

It would be interesting to take a more positive approach to this.

Anyone out there who has overcome tinnitus and other hearing problems?
Any famous engineers who still manage well in spite of hearing problems?

As for myself, I got tinnitus in September and had a hard time dealing with it for a long time. However, I'm A LOT better now. The tinnitus has become lower, and what's left of it doesn't bother me.

Let's make this a positive and encouraging thread! I'm pretty sure there are people out there who need it.
in the midd 90s i was engineering and mixing an album, and one night we all want hard core on a Hard Rock AC/DC type track.

we tracked all day and mixed way too loud. 7.00am finnish.

anyway the ears were ringing when woke up, and it didnt go away.

as i was working full time as house engineer in a pro studio, it was not possible to take a break, and besides we were booked out.

i went to the ear specialist and got some of the moulded insert ear plugs, and got minus 25db, minus 15db and minus 9db plugs.

i wore those things maybe 10 hours per day for the next year and a half.

i would pull sounds without the plugs, then put them in for general tracking.

i monitored how much DB exposure i was receiving, and rearly kept it down.

i also went all health for a long time and ate vegetables, no alcohol, and lots of excercise, as the specialist suggested general health and blood flow might help with the ringing in my ear.

anyway after around 6 months it started to go down in volume, and slowly over time reduced untill after about a year and a half i woke up one morning and couldnt hear it any more.

i know the science says its permernant, but my experience is that its not.

now i am very carefull now not to expose myself to excess volume. i take the plugs to Live gigs and use them when the volume is over the top.

i allways wear the plugs when setting up drums, as drummers almost allways start smacking the snare, just when you are crouching down, and setting up the snare mic, and the drum transients are extreme when you are very close.

the high frequency ringing has never come back since then, and i have done over 20 years since then.

i guess this is a good news story. Buddha