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We have nine pairs of K271S and also two pairs of DT770s here.

Both provide good isolation and acceptable (ie very good for closed-cup phones) sound.

The really big difference from a functional perspective is that the K271S' have a switching system linked to the headband that turns them off when they aren't on someone's head. In tracking situations this is great because you don't have bleed from headphones that players have taken off (and you don't have to constantly keep track of which headphones are not in use and turn them off and then have to remember to turn them on again when they're next needed).

For that reason and also because we've found the DT770s sound is particularly good for vocal tracking (they seem to deal with the mids in a way which seems to be extra good for pitch and intelligibility), the 770s are ideal in the iso booth, but I tend to use the 271s most other places.