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Old 6th July 2018
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Hm describing a kind of artists block, what one can do is, just do something else.
Well, that even goes for sound-design.

Today i really am not in the mood to work on the track i made the last days. And i know if i force myself to do it, the result will be boring, standard and sound forced.

So i stop for a day or two, or longer if needed and continue when the inner creative energy builds up to a point where it has to be expressed. Loading up.....

What too many people tend to do (including myself sometimes) is buying new gear, and soaking new energy from that piece. That mostly doesnt last long and the new piece will be old pretty soon. I try to avoid that and revisit what options i currently have, still discovering and milking everything out of what i own. Thats where it begins to make fun again.