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True, it happens to me too quite often that a plugin is outputting a too hot signal due to a saturation output stage. I usually try to drive my channels on very moderate levels, as in the digital domain noise is not really a problem. So I would advice to drive your channels rather a bit too low than trying to push too much.


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Hey Sasse, thanks for answering questions here!
I sometimes stumble into problems with Gain Staging when using plugin emulations of hardware classics (often UAD ones) within Ableton Live. Especially when chaining multiple plugins I often fail to get the levels right. Especially the EP-34 and the Galaxy/Space Echo plugin are giving me a hard time, with the signal being either too low or too hot. It seems to be difficult to find the "sweet spot" of the plugin, which makes it respond in a nice way (don't have this problem with the Audiothing Outer Space btw) Maybe you can give me some advice for gain staging on the digital domain in general and how to treat the loudness of individual channels and the master during the production process so that they're "in balance" for mastering.