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What it seems you are looking to find is 1 simple cohesive reverb algorithm that will glue all your tracks together making the song or track sound as though it was all created and recorded in one single space. For this you can try Plug In’s and whilst mathematically correct like a microphone or Preamp you’re not going to get the mojo or the certain X Factor outboard units give you! 2 or 3 units would see you happily done!

1. A high end Reverb with Algorithms to suit

2. An Effects unit to offer you a pallet of diverse sounds from Flanging, phasing, tunneling to reverse, backwards and flipped out effects.

3. A very proficient DDL or Digital Delay with at least 30 stereo to 40 seconds offering numerous taps. Here you’d possibly favour AES to S/PIDIF with Analog inputs and outputs and giving you yet again multiple synced delays to to surround sound type delays. Yes it can be done. So for simplicity’s sake we will call these:

Three units.
(As an example)

Lexicon 300
Lexicon PCM 91
Eventide H3000
Eventide DSP4000
Lexicon PCM 81 to
TC TC2290

(I’d steer clear from TC now, please don’t think the Lexicon PCM 81 or 91 are the same they’re not, if you want 360 degree effects and delays and Reverb here’s you cheapest and best option! get sync plus Digital AES to S/PDIF too 6 Inputs and outputs etc At 24 bit.)

You’ve got 4 main Axis Planes you need to place material in. Here you’ll want to use very wide panning not 10-3 or minus 6dB panning.

Left & Right Front you’d consider
Axis 1
Front to Back you’d consider
Axis 2
Pseudo Surround here you’d keep Axis 1 and 2 you’d consider this a precious use Axis.
Axis 3/4

Now I’m trying to make this very 101 simple for you minus the salient points on what certain controls do. Quite often you’ll see 4 more FX units which do 2 and 3 very well. As...these can double up as Hass delays to width enhancers to low level phasers to delays to filtered units. It’s your creativity here that’s going to decide how the Reverb melds together. Many will and rightfully so say you can and do require 3-4 decent Reverb units too! Again in example.

1. Medium Plate
1. Medium Hall
1. Large Ambient Hall

1 Delay At 8ths to 16th to 32’s.
1 Delay for Hass and Flange to Phase to Reverse to spaciousness in width or enhancement.
1 Delay pre Vox emphasis delay for words that require more clarification in power that relates power to the lyrics.
1 Delay Simply as a spare subgroup send etc. instrument timing or pushing and pulling away from those dead on 16th notes.

A great rule here - Never sync delays straight on! Never! You’ll lose that human feel and character if you’re 50 ticks either side to 2 BPM either side you’ll feel more movement in the song, more so in programming and sequenced material hitting grid patterns to arpeggios etc. you want feel not metronomic calculators giving exact timings etc.

On the Reverb side Plug In’s no matter how expensive will like AU to TDM to IOS apps lose value and worth over time. They might be fine now though they won’t be here in 20 years time no Sir! Here you can throw a stone and ask anyone just to see how many people hold outboard FX and Reverb units. Some boutique Plug in manufacturers will try to keep up.

Yet - When a totally new operating system is introduced you’ll be lucky if they stay. People buy hardware for a reason it’s an investment and it just works. Older doesn’t mean better or worse it means you own it and it’s going to last it can also be fixed. Simply what works for Plug in’s are great and I own plenty though...whilst handy I know will not stay with me! Not like 10-15 to 20 to 35 year old units will. They can be fixed.

All these Parts still (mostly) exist and or are being retooled due to demand. I’m not trying to convince you, I’m just discussing fact. Bricasti wont make a Plug In, Eventide will make only certain Algorithms why, I doubt they can code an H3500 fully into a plug in etc. Lexicon last Plug in system the 96 Reverb and FX system ended up not too well for many as upgrades happened. The Lexicon 96 Unit to its counterpart Plug was a let down. All by FireWire.

Your Speakers, Acoustic room and overall Mix Position are going to play a huge part here too! A few decent Mic’s and Preamps and Compressers to Equalisers can all be had in a simple 8 slot Lunchbox format. Your choice in Microphones is crucial here too.

You don’t need to spend 1 million just grab 3-5 decent Microphones say 2 x LDC and 3 really good Dynamics with a good ribbon microphone etc. I also would advise stripping Plug In’s to a bare minimum you’d be amazed at what just 6-8 to 12 max plug in’s can do as required to the packed on 6 plugs on each channel.

This will give you more room, space and less hassle high pass and low pass everything you possibly can. If you simply can’t afford expensive Nearfield $2-3K Speakers - Simply grab some Yamaha HS 8’s as thesecare great and true, their loud, proud and show mistakes. As always buy one good piece at a time and build slowly as in 4 years you’ll have a very decent rack of equipment at your disposal etc.

For all points on Reverb and FX discussion go back 3-8 years and see the Novella’s I myself have written regarding fixes, help and why? Plus Italo and Reverb Subculture threads to others. Read the Cult of Eventide thread. Read these and look at other names and then follow these peoples advice - as simply we wrote this pages exactly for you, so when required you’d find it. Lastly if your still not getting it read books by Craig Anderton to others visit websites and google you’ll end up with gold and diamonds to pith. All in PDF files to papers etc.

Anyway I hope this gives you a head start here.
Kind Regards

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