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Old 5th July 2018
how to set a dancefloor on fire & nineties, milenium and now

Hi Klas, really awesome that you're here.

I have two questions really, but these overlap sort-of, so I'm asking them in one thread.
Turns out it's a bit long, I use many words hope you don't mind!

First question: Going through your bio, you started out with making music to be played in clubs, for people to dance to. And now you mix and master a lot of dance music.
What are the important elements in a track that make it suitable for that? How does it need to sound? How do you build up the arrangement, what to look for, to create tension? For example: Someone told me once; "it's the hi-hats that people dance on" (that trigger people to release energy dancing). So what about those transients?

What makes it work in the genres you've produce(d)? Which ones are dancefloor monsters and why? Is it different for techno than house music? Or breaks?

As you're also a DJ you use some tracks to build it up, some to cool it down, or suspend it. Can you give some examples of your music or music you've worked on? Or, in other words, please some insight on your experiences as DJ how to change the energy on the dancefloor?

Second question is related. It's a topic of interest on the forum; what are the differences between nineties productions and modern 2018 ones? I'd like to ask you about the period 2000-2005 as well, because I feel that had a different vibe. Or maybe you see it differently? It's a wide range of experiences obviously, but maybe you can share some thoughts, about the differences in overall vibe, the technical differences in recording, production, etc.

Thank you!
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