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Always consider the possibility that some of your "difficulty" may derive less from you not understanding reverb, and more from you not really liking reverb.
This is a very good point. As I was reading the original post I was thinking something along those lines.
Anyway, drenching everything in reverb is a pretty common rookie mistake, so if you never had to go through that phase then consider yourself lucky.

Another piece of advice I would offer is to really study a few reference tracks for reverb usage. It may be surprising. Take a song/mix you love and know very well and focus on how reverb was used. You might think, wow they used a lot of reverb on that extra synth layer that's panned far right. Or, the reverb tail on the snare really fits the rhythm, I never noticed that. When you dig deep you'll notice lots of little things that support the arrangement in ways that you don't even notice when listening all at once, but may seem really pronounced when zooming in. It may help you better understand what kind of reverb you really like.