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Some good detailed responses so far.
The most important thing is figuring out when to use reverb and then the how will kind of work itself out with some practice and personal preference. Here are some examples of when you might want to reach for a reverb:
When an element sounds too upfront but just reducing its volume doesn't make it better.
When an element sounds too thin but eq isn't really helping.
When an element is too static but using a delay would be too obvious/heavy handed (snare is a good example of this if used tastefully).
When you want a few elements to jel together in a way that they are not. Using the same reverb can put them in the same "space" (but be careful or it'll just get muddy if you go too far).
And last but not least, use reverb for aesthetic reasons when you just like the way it sounds (for example you may just like the way a spring reverb colors a particular element).
Reverb is like seasoning. You need it when things are bland but since it makes everything sound "better" in isolation, you have to be careful and not overuse it.