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Reverb. My biggest hurdle in mixing.


I’ve been producing electronic music for about 6 years now seriously and I still don’t have a grip over reverb. And that’s the only thing I don’t seem to get around.

Balancing, compression, delay etc. I’ve figured well enough to use creatively. Reverb is still kinda abstract to me. I use it. Yes But I’m sure not as well as well I could use it. It’s like, ok I’ve put a verb on or sent to the aux. now it’s sounding grander, more distance, bigger etc. but that’s that. Obv I’ve done up a lot of reading on reverbs so I know what the parameters are.

I don’t want to know how each parameter works or how it will affect a sound. I want to understand how and when do I use it to my advantage? Something like a perspective on how to add reverb to a song. On how many and which type of elements so that it sounds cohesive? how to select which tracks should be on different reverbs? Should the different reverbs be completely different in terms of rooms and parameters or not? How should I decide if on a signal I should want to add the reverb as aux or directly use it as an insert? (Coz inserts always reduce the dry signal so more depth than aux) (I think that)

I know it’s a lot of Q’s but that’s what on my brains. Basically just your decisions on reverb and why? If you have any great articles or videos on reverb please link them. Thank you slutz. ♥️

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