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Hey there,
Sorry about the delay first, had a few days of rest after some festival madness..

Really interesting question as it's sometimes really hard to pinpoint any 'best sounding' or most relevant production. Each mastering or mixing job I do is different and needs special attention. Sometimes I get some earlier work from the artist, or some reference material from well known artists. But for me personally the reference is really the final mix approved by the client / artist.

Music in general is so personal so I think referencing to other persons work or mindset is kind of useless. When it comes to the technical part, ie mastering I think we all have our preferences, depending on format and music style.

So really hard to say, I have some fave tunes but it´s another thread I guess


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hey klas,
thank you for doing this q + a!
im wondering if there are any tracks which you feel are good to use as reference in the house/techno genre - from any years, but also could be interesting to have a sense of recent tracks which you feel are crafted on a very high level and suitable to use as reference when mixing or working in the studio

i suppose this is also partially an aesthetic preference, but as a dj too im sure you have tracks which seem to translate very well on any sound system ? this is something im always curious to learn about thanks
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