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SPDIF coax or AES/EBU connections would allow us to add an ADC or DAC of our choice. The photo on the Cranborne website still shows the SPDIF RCA connections, but apparently those are gone.

It's too bad, other than that the R8 looks like an interesting box. I was following these Cranborne threads with enthusiasm until the removal of SPDIF, for me it's a deal breaker.
Hey LesC,

Thanks for getting in contact - we totally understand that you're set on using spdif in your setup (i still use it in my own occasionally!).

Sadly, we just couldn't justify keeping it on. It would of added significant cost (our costs as well as the final sales price) and would of taken weeks-more time for our software team to implement correctly due to our complex sample rate requirements. This is time and money we aren't able to spare for a feature that our customer feedback found was not worth it. Also, if you look at the vast majority of interfaces out there nowadays, a lot of them have stripped off spdif - with a few of them moving to AES, and some moving to nothing at all. Conversion is getting better and better nowadays, and to be honest, the converters on our box far exceed most other things you'd want to connect via spdif.

We do however facilitate the use of external converters more so than any competitor - we worked tirelessly to make sure this was the case in order for people to have a choice as to what converters they use alongside 500R8.

If you look at the back of 500R8, there is more I/O than you would ever hope to find on an audio interface. We wanted to make sure that every single aspect of the unit can be used, accessed, and processed without using any of our built-in converters. Connect your external converters to the module inputs, module direct outputs, inserts; connect your speakers to the monitor controller outputs and connect your DAW outputs from your converter into the 'DAW 2 input' jacks on 500R8 and you essentially bypass the built-in conversion whilst still accessing all mixing, monitoring and recording features of the unit by utilising your own A/D. Then you can use 500R8 as a pure-analogue device and send audio to and from it using your own conversion. We were thinking of units such as the lynx aurora, or even a UA Apollo if required.

Also, we have ADAT. So if you want to bypass 500R8's converters, you can use the 16 channels of ADAT at 48kHz, 8 channels at 96kHz, or 4 channels at 192.

Regarding the website, it is indeed out of date and I have no excuses for that! but I'm taking photography of the pre-production units today and we will be updating the website in one big and exciting go within the next few weeks. There's only 5 of us and sadly web design has fallen in my lap! We chose to opt-out of updating the site again until we have everything confirmed and ready to go - there a big handful of other features we have added to 500R8 that will also be announced soon. Soon as in the next week or two.

Sorry for the essay! and sorry to hear that 500R8 isn't for you - its never an easy decision removing a feature and I personally hate doing it, but we had no choice in this instance. If i had my own way the box would be 10u and have every connection under the sun!

Thanks a lot for following us, your interest, and all the best on your audio quest!