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Old 3rd July 2018
Here for the gear

High 10" tom resonates with a "wobbly", "vibrato" sound when I hit(strike) my low 12"

I bought a Tama Starclassic Performer B/B drum kit with 8x10, 9x12, 14x16 inch toms in Duracover Wraps from a Sam Ash store about 2 months ago. I'm using Evans EC2s as the top heads and Evans Resonant Glass heads as the bottom heads. Using the tune bot, I've tuned the 10" tom to D3, 12" to B2, and 16" to D2, with the top heads tuned lower than the bottom heads. I've found these tunings to give each drum individually the optimum amount of resonance for me.

The problem I've encountered is that for some reason, when I hit the 12" tom, it causes the 10" tom to resonate, but not just with a normal resonance, but with a "wobbly", "vibrato-sounding" resonance. I've determined this by putting my hand on and taking it off the 10" tom while striking the 12" tom. I know it is not a problem with the stand because it even has the same result when I hold the tom with my hand by the mounting system. This sound is especially annoying because I hear it clearly in my tom mics.

I've tried tuning the toms differently, but tuned too high, their resonance is choked, tuned too low, and the top head rattles. I've tried muffing. One little drum dot near the edge of the top heads sounds good to me, but too much muffling and the drum sounds dead. I've even tried putting cotton balls in the drums, which someone suggested. It didn't help.

Is there a solution?