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Hey Patrick
Really good question as I struggle sometimes myself with getting the hardware to work with software, mostly keeping things in sync and being able to record everything with no timing issue. Generally speaking I rather record in Pro Tools than Ableton, but midi and looping is of course miles ahead in Ableton.

My current composing set-up consist of my main Mac Pro running Ableton and syncing all hardware either via midi through an old AMT-8 USB midi interface, or USB sync. It works, but for example my Jomox X-base does not keep the sync for long so I trigger it with midi instead. Most synth are controlled with Midi from Ableton.

So I basically have software and samples running from Ableton, going out through Apogee converters to my Speck X-Sum.

I run all HW synths & drum machines through my PM-1000 desk and go through direct outs into Apogee converters for recording either as loops in Ableton or full tracks in Pro Tools.

I can run the setup without the computer as well, with Acidlab Miami as master, and everything slaved to it.

This way I use Pro Tools as just a tape recorder, being able to record 16 channels at once. This works great for Jam sessions with other artists, as we can interface outboard synths easily and sync them up.

So depends all what kind of project it is, and how much ITB stuff needs to be integrated into the session.

Let me know if you need to know more


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I was hoping you could comment on your approach to integrating in the box soft tools&samples (like NI) and modular hardware within protools? Also related to this, how do you interfaces and compose ITB & OTB (i.e. do you control the otb modules with midi and compose in protools, or do you compose otb then record back into protools midi, is it a mix of all of these, etc ...)?