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They certainly will be once they have started shipping - around August time.

We're a new company who started up at NAMM but we're all ex-"big-audio-company" guys!

We've taken our time to tune this preamp up to these kind of performance levels.; but we're also releasing 2 500-series chassis:

500ADAT - 8 slot 500 series rack with a built-in ADAT interface, summing mixer, and headphone mixer. (perfect for expanding your current audio interface)

500R8 - 26/28 usb audio interface, summing mixer, monitor controller, and 8 slot 500 series rack.

So yeah, we're going for 500 series stuff big time, but we're doing stuff that's new and a bit different. Looking to the future rather than the past!
is there a pre-order system set up? Do you have a US based distributor? thanks!