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Old 21st June 2007
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AKG K-271 STUDIO isolation experience? or DT-770?


I want to buy new headphones to use in noisy environment.

I do not want the best isolators on the market on the cost of the sound.
I want best possible soundquality at good isolation.. about 15-18dB it should be.

I listened to the AKG K-271 STUDIO and the Beyerdynamik DT-770 Pro. I can put up with the sound of both, whereas I found the AKG mor honest. but since the listening environment wasn't very noisy it was hard to tell which have better isolation. Beyer says it is 18dB. But AKG doesn't give any data on that.

Do you have any practical experience with the Isolation of the AKG compared the Beyers?

Or do you have any other sugestions for good isolation at a good sound?