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Old 27th June 2018
another point that I didn't highlight before is this...

amounts negotiated by the Company for allocation to Contributing Artists as part of a line item in an approved budget for any usage of the Final Product.
What they are actually talking about is a blanket license but they don't know enough about licensing to know it is a blanket licensing. They call it a "line item in an approved budget".

Basically if they negotiate a blanket rate for all the music up on the site, so the client can use any music on the site as much as they want for a set price... THE COMPANY allocates whatever percentage they want (doesn't even have to be 50%, it could even be 0%).

so they negotiate a $50,000 blanket deal with say FOX promo for a year... FOX can use any music from the site as much as they want for a year. The company then decides how much of that $50k they want to "give" to the content creators and then splits that portion between all of the ones who received uses during that year.