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I’m really interested in this mic for vocals. My current mics are an Audio Technica AT4040, Miktek MK-300 and JZ V11. Wondering if the KSM32 would be a worthwhile addition?
I agree with the other poster that says it’s pretty similar to what you’ve got. I’ve used them a lot on drums and they were fine, definitely a step up from the KSM27, but nothing to write home about.

IMO your money would be better spent on a Warm mic, I haven’t tried the WA14 but the WA87 is a winner. Also hear great things about Advanced Audio. And you may have heard this advice already but might I suggest that since you already have several condensers, you consider a dynamic like a SM7/RE20/421 or a budget-friendly ribbon like the Cascade Vinjet or a Shinybox. I would take any one of those over a KSM32 in almost every scenario.