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Old 25th June 2018
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Discovering UAD and console, was the first time I fully embraced plug-ins in the apollo system..just due to the price point and the quality alone.
I was not a huge fan of plug-ins prior to that discovery.

In response to using plug-ins and tradition signal flow...that is one of the most effective ways. You should learn that, but if you're working in your home studio and you're not subject to a time limit you should explore inappropriate and experimental techniques. That exploration is how you discover new tricks which will contribute to your individuality. To summarize, learn how to do **** the right way, before you start trying to do **** the wrong way.

*Due to the price point and fact that I owned the analog gear, I generally used to prefer to use the actual gear. Due to the quality and now accessibility of the UAD plugins, I can barely tell the difference between the analog outboard gear and the plug-ins. Its gotten that good. Sometimes my analog gear would buzz, just due to the nature of analog gear, so UAD has really made leaps and bounds on this.