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I'm not digging the vibe. I want to see a contract, and have a brief. Either I hit it, or I don't. Fire me, or pay me.

I don't need other people taking my music and "fixing" or "changing" it in the name of collaboration. Also, I don't need a group of folks sitting around a table deciding on how much I should get paid after all is said and done. "Hey, let's give Bob $4,322.76 dollars and John $0.72." That shows poor management skills to me. Or the ability to not be able to wrap their head around a project. I know, I know, it's a new way or working. IMO - for hobbyists. Call me old school, but I'm not interested in playing "career games" on the internet instead of bolstering my actual career.....

I'm actually not sure why you are on here promoting the heck out of it.... ???

WHY ??
QUOTE "Music For Picture Discuss the composition & creation, production, licensing and ins and outs of music for film, TV, commercials and any other motion picture sync. Music For Games" QUOTE

Other then what the title of the form suggest I'm not sure what your question is.

And yeah I do regret it.

Over all if I start a thread I would imagine I should take some responsibility to answer some question and add information to what its about.. And I am a hobbyists and so are many other artist. I would believe 99% are. I'm sure you have better resources and don't share the same enthusiasm towards this project because you know better. Well all the Power to ya Bud. I didn't mean to offend any 1. I'm just realizing now that people can get sensitive about this subject matter. Hitrecord operates the way it does and many hobbyists like myself don't have music as a career are more then happy to participate. But yeah if you are a pro making the big bucks I would agree you keep doing your thing Man.

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