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Here for the gear

I personally like the Lexicon PCM91. I love the classic look of the blue display lights and just over all the way it looks and sounds!

The Lexicon PCM96 (NEW) is currently $2999 at Sweetwater. Very nice, but unfortunately out of your price range, and mine too. I just can't justify paying $3,000 when I already own the Lexicon PCM Native plugin, AND I own the Lexicon224 inside my UAD Apollos, AND I own all 5 of the Valhalla DSP plugins.

Since the Lexicon PCM80 is a "Digital" processor, it technically should not sound any different that the official Lexicon Native Plug-in. The plugin is currently $499 at Sweetwater, but I've seen it on sale on other websites for less (especially during Black Friday or Cyber Monday - if you're willing to wait until November).

Lexicon PCM Native Effects Plug-in Bundle | Sweetwater

If you already own the Universal Audio Apollo (which new are $2,500 ---- but you can find as low as $700 - $1,000 used). I bought 2 Apollo's myself, one new and 1 used and I personally really like the sound of the all the various high end plugins you can buy for it. But anyways you can get the Lexicon224 reverb plugin that is designed specifically for use inside the UAD Apollo. It may not have the exact effects of the PCM80, but it's an official Lexicon reverb and does sound really good.

Lower priced, but REALLY GOOD sounding, I also own all 5 of the Valhalla DSP reverb plug-ins and they are only $50 each - All of them sound GREAT! but again, not exactly as the Lexicon PCM80. You might be able to get close with lots of tweeking the parameters.

Valhalla DSP - Plugins

If you REALLY WANT the physical Lexicon PCM80, then my best suggestion is just save up a couple hundred MORE so that you can buy a real physical Lexicon PCM80 on Ebay in EXCELLENT CONDITION - Just save up the money and WAIT until you find one used in EXCELLENT condition. Ask the seller questions about it's condition. Look at the photos. When I look for vintage gear I typically look for wording like ... "smoke free studio" ... "only 1 owner" ... "no scratches" ... "still have original packaging" ... "works perfect no issues" ... And if it's everything I want then I'll just "BUY IT NOW" to avoid loosing that rare chance to buy the Excellent Condition gear! If you are all-around into vintage gear you may want to consider investing in a Weller wes51 soldering iron, and begin reading up (free) online tutorials how to fix electronics, which is not as difficult as you first think. It is possible with a little studying and a little patience for the average person to replace capacitors and other internal parts that can typically be found "NEW" on Ebay. I have replaced capacitors on vintage gear, so I know first hand that's it's not all that difficult. I may even purchase a Lexicon PCM91 just because I love those vintage blue display lights, but if I do I will wait until one shows up in EXCELLENT condition.