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Hello again Ells!

More questions, sorry.. They're all basic though

Hey Quetz,

So sorry i didn't reply sooner! I didn't receive a notification that you had posted!

The depth is 22cm-ish including the rear BNC's that protrude out slightly.

You're bang on. With the whole slot bypassed (using a special switch that will be confirmed soon...) you can send USB signals out from the DAW and out of the direct outputs on the back of 500R8. That signal is also sent to the internal summing bus as well as back into your DAW too - so if you wanted to use the insert points to insert rack gear you can do so without modules being installed.

Basically, get your 500R8 out of the box and you can record/playback standard line ins and line outs without any modules installed.

So in regards to when they are arriving... we have some announcements coming soon... (within the next couple of weeks). We've been fairly quiet lately but we have been getting our heads down... and we've achieved alot! We have loads of announcements for you coming up including the final feature list as well as the new stuff that's been added since NAMM. If you're signed up to our newsletter you'll get the info first - otherwise I'll let everyone know!

Exciting times are coming up... thanks for your patience! We're itching to tell you all but - based on previous experiences - we have been waiting until we have concrete information for you!

Hope that helps,