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I wonder if stuff like Gullfoss, sonible, Neutron and other "smart" solutions are the future of equalization...

I think it's high time digital starts doing what digital does well. And that's automated, intelligent, surgically-precise manipulations of audio in ways that hardware just isn't capable.

Right now, it just seems like digital is spending all its' time trying to sound like analog, instead of just letting analog be analog.

And yes, I'm going to sound like one of the fanboys, but the way I see it, Acustica Audio has the emulation code cracked moreless. Whether or not Acustica winds up on top is up for debate, but either way, their technology wins the game, and I think the other plugin providers are either going to have to adopt it, or go dream up some other creative and cutting edge tools not offered in the realm of electronic circuitry.