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Old 18th June 2018
I never understood how the Beyerdynamic DT or the AKG K series headphones (especially the AKG) were ever a studio stable headphone. I will admit though that the Beyers are comfortable.

The Sony MDR headphones are all I will ever use (and have used for the last 10 years).

Funny story: I have a good producer friend who co-wrote and recorded/produced a song recently for a well-known rapper here in Norway. He used some high priced Bose noise-cancelling headphones during the entire process. When it came to the final days of recording and critical listening, we swapped headphones and holy cow, what a difference. My good 'ol Sony's took the veil off of the mix for him so much that he was literally worried about how he had played and produced from everyday previous to listening through the Sony's.

Needless to say; I bought him a pair of the MDR's the next day so he didn't have to worry anymore