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Old 18th June 2018
As with half of the comments; I'm surprised the Massey 2007 isn't listed here. I've used the Massey and L2 (among others) for years, and while the L2 works in some situations better (for me at least), the Massey usually created a better finished product overall (even though it has some limited features).

Since then I've graduated to the Ozone stuff. I can't expect I'll ever turn back. It's incredibly transparent.

On a sidenote; I was recently mixing a project at a studio that only had the sound toys, L2, and Massey limiter options. The Sound Toys, while being touted as quite good, wasn't anywhere as good as I was able to make the Massey sound on the mix. Which reminded me after a few years of not using the Massey just how good it has been for all of these years....