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I used two of these for few years, they're useless compared to real interfaces. Routing is a joke, for example when daisy chaining you can't (or at least you couldn't the last time I used them) send input from second interface to the output of the first one. They are very unstable, I had problems with drops even on the Audiofire 2 which I also had, not to mention two AF12 daisy chained which never really worked. They use ancient firewire connection. Drivers are old and not updated for the last 4 years now. Reselling value is zero at this point. Don't buy it, save yourself a headache.

I was surprised to see someone actually advocating for the Echo Audiofire 12 in this thread lol.

While they are quite old at this point, use firewire connections, really aren't supported/updated anymore, don't have the nicest routing interface, and no bells-and-whistles included really; they are still a great value for anyone that wants a lot of I/O to their console.

I have three of them daisy-chained together and working great for the past six years, and after an upgrade with the Black Lion Micro-Clock they sound incredibly good for the price I paid for everything compared to many converters. Self-admittedly, as you had mentioned, they were a bit unstable (don't even try recording 96khz on all three at the same time), but their ease of connectivity, use, price, sound quality (with the micro clock), and mass amount of I/O was pretty unbeatable for a few years there.

With that being said, I'll still probably upgrade to an Antelope or RME in the near future; but by selling all three units I will probably be coming out with almost 1K in fun money for the next converter purchase.