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jacks seem all to be tip/sleeve, with two additional solder points for stability. The switches and pots are similar (two thicker pins for stable physical connection).

You can also google for high res pics of the board or just investigate on your own. Don't think there is a middle layer on the pcb.

as for the hp out/vca in you have in mind, i've not completely wrapped my mind around this (which is a little hungover today.. - the filter mode switch is double pole double throw, with boths rows serving different purposes. one row selecting between lp/hp to vca and the other row engaging the hp (as mentioned hp signal is only active when the switch is set to hp, while lp is present irrespective of the switch's position) - need to check on this a little further. as regards the vca in, I'm positive, however, which would be the place for a normalled jack for post filter vca in.

happy to post future updates on this
Did some investigating today. Bottom line I’m at a loss for tapping out a total filter cv. I’m no electronics expert but my dad helped me look and this is what he said.

The inputs at the vcf scale trim only has current mixed from the various vcf sources. The voltage measured at that point is millivolts.

If anyone else has any ideas of what to try or measure I’ll give it a shot.