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I would love to tap the final filter CV after the key tracking, envelope, contour amount, mod, etc. it would also be nice to be able to override the the vca in with a signal in (post filter).

Basically making it easy to take an external filter module and have it fully functional as if it were built into the unit. That would be amazing.
Shouldn't be too tricky. You can tap the sum of filter cvs at the input of VR10 (the filter calibration trimmer). Your sum of vco's goes from the mix out socket into the external filter, and the output of that filter into the bottom middle lug of the filter switch (which you'd preferrably decouple by means of a switched socket, i.e. external input plugged in disconnects boog's vcf to vca).

Also, just noticed that the boog's schematics are posted in another thread ...