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Hello again Ells!

More questions, sorry.. They're all basic though

I'm wanting to build a wooden desk stand/rack to hold the pieces of gear I know I'll be hanging on to - Icon controllers, Console 1, Faderport 1, 500R8.

Could you let me know what the depth of the 500R8 is please?

I/O: I'm curious about getting 24 analogue channels out of the R8 with no 500 modules installed.
Is that possible?
The 16 adat are a given.
With modules, I'd route the signal from the DAW via USB, then use the direct outs, with or without bypass engaged on the modules, is that correct?
Is there any other way?
I'm assuming that signal has to pass through a physical module before it'll be present at the direct outputs, but maybe that's not the case.

edit: I spotted in the other thread that you confirmed that you can take an external source and run it straight in to the 'module inputs' on the rear with no 500 module installed, so actually looks like it will work the other way round too..?

Lastly, when are we getting them?

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