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Years ago it was stated that most people do not settle into a career until their early 30's. Looking back, I would have done thinks a lot different in finding a career that would have made more money. It is not all about the money, but you need to find a career that you will be happy. But also, just as important or maybe more is that you need to make a decent living. If you plan on having a family, then making minimum wage or working a job that has horrific hours and you are never home will in the end, make for a VERY unhappy life. I have an acquaintance who got a PHD in History because that was his passion. The only jobs out there for a History major was teaching at a university, which he did not want to do. He ended up working as a delivery person for UPS. Makes around 65k-70k per year with overtime with UPS. Talk about a waste of money on an education! Spent all that money on a degree that he would not use.

Long story short. You need to go into a field that is going to make you enough money to live comfortably. There is a myth that love conquers everything. It doesn't. When the electricity is being turned off and the bill collectors are ready to repo your car, you're not going to be happy. If fact you be living in hell.

My goal when I graduated from high school was to play in a symphony orchestra. I was ready to audition and was told by my teacher that I would be able to win the audition within 6 months. But I was married and had several children. An orchestra position would have paid back then around $7,000.00 per year. Most symphony players had several part time jobs just to make ends meet. My wife and I talked about it and I decided that my family life was more important than anything. So I sold my French Horn, took up piano lessons and bought a new Roland Juno 60. That was the start of a really great journey. I never went into music as a career. I ended up in management and sales for some years and then eventually started my own company when I was 37 years old. Even though I didn't have a college degree, I had a good friend that had been in several successful businesses who advised me to take all of my business courses at night. Especially Accounting. Which I did and it made all the difference when I opened my own company.

I play keyboards on the side, mostly as a hobby, but I still love music and it has been incredibly satisfying for me.

My counsel to young people these days is what I stated above. Find a career that will make you a good living and go for it. Get the education you need to be successful in that field.

Best Wishes on your planning and success.